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Centennial Spotlight Guide to CBD 2020


Fast forward to 2017. Things were looking up for Rodney. He had just signed with New York City FC, he was clean, and with his mind set to participate in Costa Rica’s team for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Nothing but clear skies ahead.

That is, until he started feeling a pain in his hip so horrid that he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to walk, and much less play, again. He couldn’t even play with his own daughter.

He started taking prescribed pain medication again, because it wasn’t like he had much choice, but he used it responsibly and it helped.

So he started taking CBD as a part of his routine. Besides his hip, he’d massage his knees or his back with it and felt a lot better. Before bed, he took the tincture and woke up feeling great. He also took the medicine to the locker room, but there he was forced to hide it. “This seems childish,” he would think. “That I'm hiding something that's so good for me, that’s supposed to be legal.” It certainly is.

By this stage he was at the pinnacle of his career, with no intention of quitting any time soon. His dream of being in the national team for Costa Rica came true. It was everything to him. “But because of the pain I knew I only had so many years left,” he said. “But with CBD maybe I could stay more years.”

But there was one problem: the bottle claimed that its contents had a 0.3% of THC. Was that tiny amount going to appear on a drug test? Was this a risk he’d have to worry about? He also started noticing a bit of a “head high”, paired with a slight case of the munchies. Besides, the tincture tasted terrible, like “wax, baby oil, petroleum and weed plant mixed. Disgusting.” So he started taking soft gel capsules, which were much better but had a tendency to melt in the bottle that they came in. They worked, but they weren’t perfect.

So Wallace decided to make them perfect. Someone told him to make his own CBD extract, so he just kept thinking about it and talking about it with his wife, until he decided to just go for it.

Come 2018, he was already researching different labs, looking to make a product with absolutely no THC in it. He wasn’t taking any risks, and didn’t want his potential customers to do so either: “I want it to be in every single locker room, for every single player to use, and I want them to feel what I felt.”

That’s when Rewind was born.

His goal is for athletes to be able to perform better due to the lack of pain, but without the awful side effects he experienced with pain killers. CBD just works differently: if you apply it topically it works on that area, and in an edible or oil format, it takes over your whole neural system, but he explained that the difference is that “you're just in control, in your zone… We use the best CBD that I could have ever taken or put in my body.”

He’s very much aware of the unfounded stigma that persists in regards to CBD. In regards to that, he assured that he doesn’t “care what people may think about anything that I do. I'm doing this for the right reasons.”

And what are those reasons, you may ask yourselves. “Pay it forward to the game,” he provided proudly. “The game gave so much, and for a while I couldn't give back because of my mental state. And now this is my way of giving back to the game. But not only to the game, also to those who might be going through the same situation that I went through. For people in general… I’m going to do something better, to change people’s lives.”

So that’s the heart of it, really. He finished our conversation with a beautiful sentiment, stating that “The idea of Rewind came from bettering the game, bettering the athletes and bettering people's lives in general, because I knew it wasn't just for athletes. Being able to help the rest of the world, that is a mission for me. I wanted to leave a legacy for my kids. That's something my wife Haley and I talk a lot. Whatever we're doing, we're doing it for them. Our intentions are pure. Whatever we do, it feels big, and it feels impactful.”

Undeniably, it is.

As told by -Javier Hasse, Forbes