Rodney Wallace is a Bilingual Sports Analyst, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur and Former Professional Soccer Player. He has appeared on Fox Sports, CBS, ESPN, as well as commercials for major companies AT&T and Etihad Airways.

Born in Costa Rica, Rodney moved to the United States at age 9. He overcame all adversity to become a NCAA Champion, MLS Cup Champion, Comeback Player of the Year, Brasil Serie A Player, Liga Nos Player, and Costa Rican National Team Player in which he appeared at the highest level in 2018 FIFA World Cup.

As he entered retirement, Rodney became an entrepreneur with his company, Rewind. Rewind has been featured in Forbes, Essence, Inc. Mag, Green Entrepreneur, E! News and more. Team Rewind is proud to offer the best NON-GMO Organic CBD available.

"There was a time in my life where I no longer felt joy due to the pain I was in. Rewind has given me my life back, and I want that for you too. Whatever you may be dealing with, I want you to know you can trust in us. Rewind is made for the standards of a professional athlete, yet is effective for anyone looking to improve their life. As a FIFA World Cup Veteran, MLS Champion, and International Soccer Player, I have been privileged to have access to many types of therapy. However, Rewind is the only thing that has given me sustainable results without side affects. Wherever you are on your path, we are in this together. Let's uplift, grow, and encourage each other by becoming the best versions of ourselves."

-Rodney Wallace