• How Soccer Pro Rodney Wallace Optimizes His Mind & Body For Peak Performance

    In 2016, I took a hiatus to work on my mental health. For the first time ever, I put my needs first. I fully committed myself with therapy, meditation, manifesting, and gratitude practices. I became a much better version of myself, and learned how to truly make the most of my capabilities. It changed my perception in every aspect of my life. My mind was clearer than it had ever been, and I made smarter decisions for my well-being.
  • Black-Owned CBD Brands You Need to Know

    "As someone who has faced adversity, we ensure that every move we make is inclusive," co-founder Rodney Wallance explains about Rewind. "The only way we can all truly be successful is by celebrating other people's wins. By supporting us it means you are an advocate for change and justice. This translates into the world moving in the right direction, which is how humanity can achieve greatness."
  • Rewind To Go Forward: Soccer Star Rodney Wallace’s Journey Led To His Own CBD Brand

    In December 2016, Rodney checked himself in a rehabilitation clinic in Malibu. “Best decision I've ever made in my life,” he stated. “It's another taboo: people don't know, but you are investing in yourself. Biggest tool I could have ever used.”

    He said that, even though he stayed there for almost two months, he didn’t want to leave: that’s how well it was going for him. He even named his daughter Malibu, in tribute to the time he spent there, which saved his life.

  • Why being self centered isn't a bad thing

    Self-sacrifice is a common concept that has been drilled into our head. Have some free time? Spend it by taking care of others. Is your coworker asking you to switch the working shift? You’re obligated to say yes, or else they will sneer at you. There are still other things, but the message from ...
  • 5 Ways to Combat Pain and Inflammation through Food

    People tend to treat inflammation as a minor problem that can heal by itself. Little do they know that if left alone, inflammation can damage their bodies. Inflammation doesn’t come from injury only. It can also come from our body when the immune system has nothing to heal; it starts damaging art...
  • Effective Natural Remedies for Anxiety You Can Try at Home

    You wake up in the middle of the night and start to wonder whether you can get through the day later. You become restless and start thinking about your career or family. As your heartbeat speeds up, you wonder whether you can keep up with society’s standard. If you’ve experienced the things menti...
  • Recovery in Sports; Why it's Essential

    Exercising takes a certain amount of energy and can leave you exhausted for days, but it's benefits are tremendous. A healthier body, increase of muscle gain, improved blood flow and skin ‒ these are only few benefits of exercise.However, exercise should be done meticulously. A person, no matter ...
  • Exercising can be tedious, hard, and not easy for some people. However, the results given by exercise are some of the best results that lead to a better habit and lifestyle. Examples of the results are better blood flow, healthier skin, positive emotions, and many more.However, exercising is no e...