Why being self centered isn't a bad thing

Self-sacrifice is a common concept that has been drilled into our head. Have some free time? Spend it by taking care of others. Is your coworker asking you to switch the working shift? You’re obligated to say yes, or else they will sneer at you. There are still other things, but the message from the examples above are clear ‒ society wants you to prioritize other people.

But here’s the catch: we don’t need to prioritize others all the time. In fact, being self-centered is a good thing, and everybody should start thinking for themselves. This article will tell you why being self-centered is actually a positive trait.

“Helping Others” can Lead to Selfishness
You might wonder, how can helping others be selfish? Helping others is always a good thing if it is done with genuinity. But let’s face it; sometimes people help each other out of their greed. When people help each other, sometimes there are hidden agendas such as recognition, getting benefits, and more. When hidden agendas become the main goal of helping others, does that make the action bad? The action is not bad, but the goal behind it can be selfish.

Being Self-Centered Creates a Better Character
When you’re self-centered, you become more aware of yourself. You start to notice your flaws and shortcomings, giving you aspects of your personality that need to be fixed. This is actually pretty good, since you can mend those shortcomings. By doing so, you can become a better person. Another aspect of being self-centered is pursuing your ambition. Since you prefer to take care of yourself, you will try to achieve your ambition. Achieving your ambition can increase character, and even a better personality if you have a righteous ambition.

What does it mean by a righteous ambition? A righteous ambition is an ambition that can help others in need and develop both your skill and personality in a positive aspect. So when you pursue your ambition, you also develop your character as a person. What can be better than that?

Being Self-Centered Does Help Others
Imagine you’re sick, but others demand you to help those who are in need. Not only you help them at your weakest moment, there’s also a chance of you spreading your sickness to them. So instead of helping others, you harm them instead.
When you’re self-centered, you prioritize your well-beings. When you’re at your weakest, you will take care of yourself first, then others. Prioritizing yourself is not a bad thing, since it means that you’re making sure you’re at your top notch before helping others. It’s better to be healthy instead of being weak when you help others, right? So by prioritizing yourself, you’re also helping others.

Being self-centered might sound selfish. However, the selfishness it brings can help others and help you as a better person. If you can get benefits for you and others by being self-centered, then why not?


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