• "Your Mentality Is Everything"

    In 2016, I took a hiatus to work on my mental health. For the first time ever, I put my needs first. I fully committed myself with therapy, meditation, manifesting, and gratitude practices. I became a much better version of myself, and learned how to truly make the most of my capabilities. It c...
  • Meet The Disruptors: Rodney Wallace of REWIND On The Three Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry

    Advice is something that goes a long way. I enjoy giving advice, but it is also a good feeling to receive advice. To me it’s all information, you take in what you want and reject what you don’t want. It’s great because you can build your reality from different advice forms. For me “less is...
  • How CBD Elevates Your Bath Experience

    Rewind by Rodney Wallace After Hours CBD Bath Bombs instantly elevate your bath experience. Made for After Hours. Made for All Hours. Indulge your body with Organic Coconut Oil, Lavender Oil, and our potent CBD. Simply drop one of our bath bombs in a warm bath and relax. Perfect for recovery, relaxation, and soothing muscles.
  • CBD Energy Drink Mix - What Are The Benefits?

    Rewind by Rodney Wallace CBD Energy Drink Mix keeps us focused and feeling great during the day. Simply mix with water, juice, or add to any smoothie mix. Rewind CBD Drink Mix is full of vitamins and BCAAS. Rewind CBD is a performance-based CBD line.
  • 7 cannabis products pro MLS player Rodney Wallace can't live without

    Rodney Wallace is a professional soccer player best known for his time with the MLS' Portland Timbers. A lifelong athlete, Wallace has faced many adversities that plague the pros: uncertainty of career, continuous physical ailments, anxiety, depression, and many other realities that come with being worldwide famous and having every part of your life under society's microscope. In his search for healing and escape, like many people, Wallace turned to cannabis.
  • Here's How To Work Next To Your S.O. During Quarantine (Without Losing It)

    Establishing a routine allows you to get the most of your working hours, say Rodney and Haley Wallace. Knowing when to take a step back and focus on yourself works better when you have a routine already in place, allowing to focus on yourself so you and your partner won't burn out. 

    Especially during stressful times like these, the Wallaces say that laughter can bring you closer rather than push you apart. Mutually agreeing on times where there's "no work allowed" and making the effort to prioritize each other will make those fun times even sweeter.

    According to the Wallaces, one of the biggest things you can do is embrace your new situation rather than fight against it. This will help you get more comfortable and help you adjust to your new workspace and ease any feelings of agitation, making life more bearable for you and your significant other. 


  • Black-Owned CBD Brands You Need to Know

    "As someone who has faced adversity, we ensure that every move we make is inclusive," co-founder Rodney Wallance explains about Rewind. "The only way we can all truly be successful is by celebrating other people's wins. By supporting us it means you are an advocate for change and justice. This translates into the world moving in the right direction, which is how humanity can achieve greatness."
  • Effective Natural Remedies for Anxiety You Can Try at Home

    You wake up in the middle of the night and start to wonder whether you can get through the day later. You become restless and start thinking about your career or family. As your heartbeat speeds up, you wonder whether you can keep up with society’s standard. If you’ve experienced the things menti...