Rewind by Rodney Wallace Best CBD For Professional Athletes


Rewind CBD Best Relief Option for Professional Athletes

MLS Professional Soccer Player, Rodney Wallace, founded Rewind based on his real-life experience with other CBD products with the help of his wife. Rodney’s inspiration for Rewind was to create a “product that reduced pain and stress” during his play. Rewind CBD is all naturally organically grown, the potency of CBD is high, and double lab tested to ensure the product’s legitimacy. Rewind is the best CBD option for all professional athletes as all THC has been removed, ensuring no athlete risks their career while providing an effective and natural recovery. 

Additionally, the transparency in Rewind’s mission impacts the dominance of their CBD company over others. Rodney emphasized that Rewind was founded on his genuine interest for people, athletes specifically, and all other consumers. His initial motivator was the pain he endured while playing, but he stressed the importance of athletes not risking their careers during treatment. 

Rewind Across Sports Leagues

Rodney has seen Rewind usage across various sports since its founding. MLS teams are ordering in bulk for their teams as they observed the impacts Rewind CBD has made on multiple MLS players. MLS training and medical staff look forward to using it on their players to ensure these soccer players stay on the field longer. Furthermore, Rodney has seen Rewind CBD usage in the NBA, WNBA, NFL, and WSL players. He stated that “Rewind is a wave that just keeps coming back.” Rodney believes the popularity comes from the athletes verifying its effectiveness and athletes not having to worry about drug testing. 

Rewind CBD Family Friendly 

Although Rewind is effective for an athlete’s recovery, Rodney wanted to emphasize the product’s family-friendly aspect. Each product has a scannable QR code to tell the consumer what their product contains. Rewind produces products for the entire family, including dog treats, to calm anxiety and energy in all dog ages. Lastly, Rewind CBD is safe for all ages. Rodney uses Rewind’s balm with his one-year-old daughter while teething to calm her pain and Rewind’s gummies. 

Rewind CBD More Effective Than CBD Products with THC

Rewind CBD provides the “natural components of CBD without giving feelings of being high like these other brands.” Playing with the natural impacts of CBD without THC allows athletes to play with a clear mind and zoom in on the task at hand. Rodney emphasized the effects Rewind CBD had on him when he said, “when you’re feeling good, you’re thinking clearly, you’re happy, and you have natural energy and joy, that’s when great things happen.” 

Without a clean and natural CBD company like Rewind, players would be subject to playing under THC’s influence, which inevitably impacts the mind. Although the player’s bodies would feel good, their mental state would not be entirely focused. Rodney stated, “unless you’re used to playing while high, [CBD with THC] creates a shock and could potentially create negative patterns.” Not to mention, CBD with THC regardless of the percentage could run the risk of failing a drug test.