Life After Sports; Natural Healing

In 2020, after dealing with two hip replacements at the age of 31, I knew it was time for me to pay it forward to the game that gave me so much. Using my life experiences, my downfalls, my struggles that I was able to turn into my own gold medal, I launched Rewind by Rodney Wallace. I created a CBD line based on the principle of taking a step back in order to move forward.

CBD changed my outlook on life from a mental and physical standpoint. From 2017 to 2019, I was hiding in the locker room trying to figure out how to consume CBD without my teammates understanding what I was doing. I didn’t want the trainers to know since it also contained a percentage of THC which is banned in Major League Soccer. I found myself hiding once again and I was not happy about it. I had done so much work over the years to get to the happiest place in my life, it was unfathomable to have to go back into hiding mode again. For once, I was free and felt safe with Rewind, knowing that our products are completely free of THC. This gives athletes of all levels and people around the globe the ability to be the best version of themselves without psychoactive reactions. Mentally, there are no strings attached, thanks to Rewind.

My doctors told me that my injuries were career ending and I was grateful because my heart felt full. I had created a product to give others a chance to feel the way I feel now. Physically, my aches and pains were immensely reduced and I could enjoy the park with my kids, mentally I became limitless. Rewind is here to stay, it has helped bring me to that place of gentle and kind love, Rewind CBD gave me a chance to check my genuine self. It's about working smarter, not working harder.