CBD Energy Drink Mix - What Are The Benefits?

At first thought, CBD and energy don't necessarily sound like they go together. We were skeptical at first, but once we experienced it we immediately became proponents of it. Previously, I used to rely on Concerta or Vyvanse to get my day going. Since going off of these medications, I struggled to get going during the day. 

Rewind CBD Drink Mix Packets contain a berry-flavored powder mix with water-soluble CBD for the best absorption. In addition, it is packed full of vitamins, BCAAs, and 75mg of caffeine. I mix it with 16oz of water and I feel a noticeable difference during the day, without feeling jittery. 

I typically drink a couple during the day, and I have found that I drink more water now. It keeps me feeling satisfied, focused, and my body feels great. I have never been one to drink 'energy' drinks, and rarely coffee. However, the taste of this powder and benefits keep me loving it and I look forward to having it everyday. 



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