CBD and Kids

CBD and kids is a subject often talked about, but with limited research and regulations there are many questions that leave people wondering if they can use it, or not. 

Personally, we know exactly what is in Rewind by Rodney Wallace CBD. We know it is organically grown, completely natural, and contains 0.0% THC. We started realizing the benefits CBD can have for kids once we started using it for them. Our youngest daughter was suffering from teething, and remedies we had tried weren't helping. 

One day Malibu dipped her finger in our Lavender Eucalyptus CBD Salve and immediately put it on her gums. It soothed her and allowed her to get some rest while her teeth were in the painful process of coming in. Ever since then, Malibu would bring us the jar of CBD salve and want us to open it for her so she could put it on her gums. 

Our 6 year old daughter Ivy would sometimes complain of stomach aches. Instead of giving her OTC medicine, we had her rub our CBD salve on her belly. It helped every time. Now, when she gets scrapes or ouchies she uses our Half Time CBD Salve Stick instead of using Neosporin. 

Using CBD for kids comes down to a personal decision. For us, it has been effective and made the most sense. We would rather use natural products for our kids whenever possible. We are grateful to have a product that we believe in for everyone in our family.