5 Simple Natural Healing Process Post Workout

Exercising can be tedious, hard, and not easy for some people. However, the results given by exercise are some of the best results that lead to a better habit and lifestyle. Examples of the results are better blood flow, healthier skin, positive emotions, and many more.However, exercising is no easy feat. Exercising, it is important for you to do some recovery in order to gain back the lost muscle tissues, body water, and others. Recovery might be simple, but it is a vital process that must be done, always. In this article, we will talk about some simple recovery or healing process you can do after work out. To make it even better, you can do it without medicine or expensive equipment. Check it out!

1. Stretching or simple moves
Stretching is the post-workout movement mentioned in the beginning of the article. It’s different from the stretching before exercise, of course. The stretching after exercise is meant to “calm” your muscles and body so that it will be cooled down. It will also help the body to restore itself to its original state. Stretching is simple and effective for recovery, so there’s no harm in doing it.

2. Resting
Another easy and natural healing for workout is resting. You can do it after stretching, of course, as long as the resting place is comfortable. Resting restores the energy that was spent on exercising, so it’s a vital recovery process you need to do after the exercise.

3. Drinking water
Torn muscle tissues and energy are not the only things lost during exercise. You will also lose a certain amount of body water during the riguous activity. Restoring it is simple, really. You just need to drink enough water. Don’t drink too much though, because it will make you feel queasy. You must drink water only, or beverages that are meant for workouts. An alternative for sports drink is coconut water. Coconut water contains medium-chain triglycerides, fats that are effective for muscle recovery.

4. Massaging
Believe it or not, massaging actually does wonders for your body, especially after exercising. An article by New York Times mentioned a research on massaging. The research stated that athletes who had massages emit lower cytokines (causes inflammation) and higher mitochondria activity (activity that converts glucose into energy for cell repair). Due to its benefits, massaging is perfect for all exercise lovers, whether they’re old or young.
If you don’t have anybody that can do the massage for you, you can always opt for professional massage. If you prefer to do a self massage at home, natural products such as CBD salve, can greatly boost muscle recovery.

5. Consuming Protein
Protein is essential for recovery, as it has the essential amino acids to repair the muscles’ fibers. Protein can also prevent the loss of muscle mass after exercise, hence many professional athletes tend to drink protein shakes before or after workouts.
There are varieties of natural healing or recovery you can do after exercise. Which one are you going to pick?

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